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Catastrophic Plan

Many young adults under the age of 30 are concerned about the premiums within the metal level exchange plans, and are considering paying a penalty instead of purchasing a health plan. To discourage this and get the younger healthier individuals into the health exchange risk pool, a Catastrophic Plan was created for those meeting certain criteria. These individuals must be under the age of 30 and/or are able to prove they are financially unable to obtain affordable health coverage. To prove financial hardship the cost of coverage must exceed 8% of their annual household income.

Plan Benefits for the Catastrophic Plan:

  • Catastrophic plans will not be eligible for subsidies
  • Three primary care visits with no deductible to meet
  • Preventive Care covered for no charge

These plans will be designed solely for catastrophic coverage, and while they will offer the essential health services and basic preventive care after a deductible, things like doctor visits and prescriptions will be excluded. The maximum out of pocket and deductible is the same on catastrophic plans; $6,400 for individuals, and $12,800 for families. Though the plan is limited in day to day coverage the plan is intended to protect young adults from facing financial disaster in the event of a medical emergency. The Catastrophic plan may be the best option for many just starting out on their own and not in need of extensive coverage. Call our agents at Health Exchange Quote Insurance Agency to see if the Catastrophic Plan suits your needs.

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