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CHIP is the Children’s Health Insurance Program designed to provide health, dental, and vision coverage to our nation’s children. Each state draws from a pool funded by both state and federal fundsto create their own version of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. These planstarget children ineligible for Medi-Cal or coverage through private insurers, and create a middle ground for those who may go without coverage because of this. It is estimated that seven million children are qualified for and eligible for coverage through their state CHIP program, and while each state has their ownmodification of the program many qualifications remain consistent.

Features of CHIP:

  • A family of four with income of $44,100 or less is usually eligible. However, some families with slightly higher income may also qualify depending on their personal circumstance. This amount can vary slightly among each state, and is based on the national average.
  • Children may enroll on the plan from birth up to their 19th birthday.
  • Enrollment fees are no more than $50 per family and is based on both family size and income.
  • Coverage is renewed annually to ensure continuing eligibility.
  • Cost sharing of the member will be determined based on income (those with higher incomes will see slight co pays while those less well-off will have 100% coverage).
  • Each state has their own CHIP program, with variances in the plan/cost details. You can locate information about your state’s CHIP program HERE 
  • CHIP covers doctor visits, routine checkups, immunizations, hospital and emergency services as well as prescriptions and dental care.

The Affordable Care Act increased funding to the CHIP and Medicaid programs as a continued outreach effort to reach those who can benefit from the program. In fact, over $40 million in additional funds were added to ensure that the program is both promoted and utilized, and are expected to last well in to the year 2015. Health Exchange Quote agents are standing by to assist you in obtaining low cost quality health care for your child. We have been working for over 30 years assisting families obtain the highest quality health insurance for the lowest cost. Although we are not able to directly enroll you in the CHIP program, we can offer you a multitude of other options for your health coverage.

Find out how you can qualify your children for the program HERE  or at Medicaid’s Site

You can also call 877-KIDS-NOW for immediate assistance.

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