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Indian Health Services is a federally sponsored program, designed to assist U.S. Native Americans and Alaskan natives procure health services. Many of these individuals live in remote areas and may not have access to or funds necessary for essential health services. With the implementation of IHS members of the 500+ federally recognized tribes can seek treatment for everything from basic preventive services to hospital care and behavioral health assistance. Reports showed that many Native Americans were not getting vital services, and the health of these nations was declining rapidly. To put an end to this IHS stepped in and is now seeing improvement in all areas of their lives. From lifestyle interventions to deal with diabetes to providing access to screenings and care for more day to day improvements, IHS is helping Native Americans and Alaskans to lead longer healthier lives.

Indian Health Services is the main system of health care for Native Americans and Alaskans. The most interesting part of IHS is not only their dedication to raise the standard of health care for their people; they also integrate religious and personal beliefs, as well as blend traditional and modern medicine to treat their patients as a whole; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The mission statement of IHS reads:

The mission of the Indian Health Service is to raise the health status of the American Indian and Alaska Native people to the highest level possible. The Division of Epidemiology functions as the leading office in IHS for disease epidemiology, prevention and control activities for general infectious and chronic diseases as well as the following specific health conditions: cancer, tobacco use, breast and cervical cancer, vaccine-preventable diseases, sexually-transmitted diseases, and disease outbreaks. Additional activities of the Division include providing high level, responsive expertise on public health subject matter and methods, and strengthening the capacity for, and practice of, public health through mentor, training and development of a network of proactive, responsive tribally-operated epidemiology centers for tribes and regions.

Eligibility for the Indian Health Services requires that you can provide proof of:

  • Being of Indian or Alaskan Native descent
  • Being an Indian of Canada or Mexico, and recognized by any Indian tribe that is served by IHS
  • Being a non-Indian or Alaskan native woman who is pregnant by an eligible tribe member (only covered for the duration of her pregnancy)
  • Being a non-Indian or Alaskan native who resides in an eligible IHS member’s home in the event of an infectious outbreak or public health hazard

Priorities for enrollment will be based on medical need, accessibility of alternative resources, as well as the financial status of both the patient and the available medical facilities. Facilities providing treatment may vary in the type of services available, and it is strongly recommend that you utilize the Find Health Care feature in order to find the appropriate services ahead of time.

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