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Medi-Cal is California’s version of Medicaid funded by both federal and state funds. It is one of the largest providers of health insurance coverage for low income individuals, with an estimated 58 million people currently insured on a Medicaid program. Under the Affordable Care Act, the limits for Medi-Cal eligibility are going to be extended to 133% of the federal poverty level. In 2013 the federal poverty level is $11,490 for a single individual in the contiguous United States. Additional guidelines for all states can be found here:

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Once expanded it is expected that millions more will be able to qualify for coverage through their state program. However, it is vital to note that low income alone does not automatically qualify one for Medicaid coverage.

Other Medi-Cal Qualifying Conditions:

  • You are enrolled on a Supplementary Security Income/State Supplementary Payment plan, CalWorks, Refugee Assistance, or Foster Care/Adoption Assistance Program
  • You are disabled, blind, pregnant, residing in a skilled nursing home or intermediate care facility
  • On refugee status (only for certain amounts of time)

Medi-Cal and Medicaid programs are considered Managed Care programs. This is a means of providing care at lower costs by incentivizing physicians to use less costly tests and procedures for patients. Managed Care also closely analyzes proposed treatment plans for medical necessity, and lengths of hospital stays. By scrutinizing treatment plans more carefully and using less costly medical processes, this keeps the system viable.Overall benefits are quite generous and cover everything from pharmacy benefits and doctor visits, to durable medical equipment and acupuncture.

Contact Health Exchange Quote Insurance Agency for information on Medi-Cal or Medicaid today. We are happy to help you find contact and local information for your area. While we are not able to enroll you in your local Medi-Cal or Medicaid plan, we are more than happy to assist you with obtaining information and applications, as well as discuss alternate options with you.

For Medi-Cal California coverage you can find more information HERE or apply in person or online: Apply Online HERE 

For all other states you can: Start HERE

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