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Platinum Plan


The Platinum Plan is the most all-inclusive plan as well as the most expensive option in the health insurance exchange. This plan will have a high premium but the lowest out of pocket costs for the member. The Platinum plan boasts an actuarial value of 90%, meaning members only face a 10% out of pocket exposure for complex medical care.

Plan Benefits for the Platinum Plan:

  • Primary Care Visits are a $20 co payment
  • Specialist Visits are a $40 co payment
  • Lab Tests cost $20 per procedure
  • X-Rays are covered by a $40 co payment
  • Complex medical care is covered 90%
  • Emergency Room Visits are $150
  • Generic Medication will cost $5
  • Brand Name medication will cost $15
  • There is no deductible on medical care or brand name medications
  • The out of pocket maximum for an individual is $4,000; $8,000 for families.

The cost sharing on the platinum plan is is the lowest of any plan within the exchange. This may make paying much more per month for the plan a little more reasonable, especially in the case where one requires a lot more medical care. Our agents at Health Exchange Quote Insurance Agency can help you find the best plan for your needs!

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