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Public plans serve as a means for U.S. residents with low or modest incomes to obtain health coverage. Through a variety of state and federally funded public plan options U.S. residents who would normally go without coverage can now secure a plan that meets their needs. Without such assistance, many would either forgo medical care altogether, or leave health care providers holding the bill. Neither is a good situation to be in and further proves the need for public programs.

Plans will vary on your particular scenario. Pregnant women would more likely benefit from Medi-Cal (or Medicaid, based on their location) or Access for Infants and Mothers, while others with serious medical conditions may better qualify for a Major Risk Plan. Our agency can direct you to the best plan option based on your specific needs.

Public Plan Options Include:

Studies show that people who go without basic health care during critical times, such as a pregnancy or illness, will end up needing more complicated and costly medical care later on. Implementing a multitude of plans ensures that care is received by those who need it most. While some plans either have been phased out or are in the process of being replaced by health care reform plans, there are still many options available.

It is estimated that over one third of those eligible for government sponsored public plans are not enrolled on one. By making information more readily available, easy to understand, and simple to apply for, public plans are making a difference and intend to reach out to more uninsured individuals. In fact, a simple checklist is all it takes to see which program will work for you and your family.

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Additional assistance programs:


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Health Exchange Quote agents are pleased to assist you in finding the best public plan selection for your needs. Please contact us today, or click on the links above to learn about public plans in your area.

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